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How to buy the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I am often told by those attending our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Tours of the difficulties in selecting a good olive oil when they shop at home. They are not familiar with the brands, nor can they meaningfully translate the information on the label into helpful knowledge. So, invariably, their [...]

Mediterranean Diet shown to be better for the heart than a low-fat diet

A massive and rigorous new study conducted on 7,447 people in Spain showed that 30% of heart diseases and deaths can be prevented switching to a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seafood, beans, fruit and vegetables. Low-fat diets did not reach these great results! CBSNEWS wrote today: "If you want to [...]

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Why the Mediterranean diet or cuisine is so important

Why is the Mediterranean diet so important? The article in the Wall Street Journal clearly explains why the latest results of the massive study conducted on more than 7,000 patients in Spain and published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine are extremely important. The WSJ  says "Few previous [...]

Italian Summer fruit salad

Summer has definitively arrived in Puglia and we have been experiencing unusual warm temperatures for the whole week. This also means that we can also finally find all the super delicious summer fruit. Marika has been making all sorts of fruit salads, which not only are very delicious, but also very refreshing and healthy. Today she made a fruit salad with [...]