Our mission is to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing and nurture a sustainable planet by teaching the principles of the ancient, healthy and sustainable Mediterranean Diet.

In 2007, we founded Stile Mediterraneo – the Mediterranean Diet Academy in Puglia, Italy providing health retreats and workshops in order to teach people how to live a healthy, happy and long life through the ancient and plant-based Mediterranean Diet.

In 2014 we also launched Artisans of Taste, providing educational field treks about sustainable eating and farming, in order to turn people into conscious consumers and promote foods that do not come from intensive farming or that cause deforestation, both very bad for our planet and biodiversity.

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Due to the current pandemic, in the next months we will only provide online educational activities. Please consider supporting our business with a donation so that we can keep promoting and teaching the ancient and sustainable Mediterranean Diet that is now more than ever necessary to keep us healthy! 

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Artisans of Taste – Sustainability Education

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