Cooking School and Artisan Food Tours


Artisans of Taste was founded by Cinzia Rascazzo (food & olive oil expert, wine sommelier, Harvard MBA).

We provide authentic experiences and educational wine and food tours that have an impact on people’s life. We select the best food and wine artisans and help them reach international travelers.  We turn people into informed eaters who have access to the best artisan food. We provide local people with jobs in the food tourism industry while sharing their authentic culture.

Join our wine and food tours in Puglia, Tuscany, Piedmont, Basque country in France and Spain and other best food and wine destinations. Experience the excellence of food & wine with our local experts.  Visit select Italian artisans and learn how their best foods and wines are made using ancient methods. Go through guided tastings with our food experts and wine sommeliers.

When in Puglia, attend our Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School and learn the secrets of an ancient Unesco heritage cuisine, considered one of the healthiest in the world by Harvard Medical School.  Make simple, healthy and tasty food using our unique Stile Mediterraneo cookery method that is based on the highest quality artisan ingredients and was developed by our team of food experts and doctors.



Authentic Experiences that Nurture Your Life