Legal terms

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Company information:

Artisans of Taste Experiences and Stile Mediterraneo Academy are registered trademarks owned by International Enterprise Solutions SAS di Cinzia Rascazzo, VAT number: 02099690741, registered in Italy at the Chamber of Commerce in Brindisi and Lecce.  Our registered company office is in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 23 – San Pietro Vernotico BR.

All our brands are registered both in Italy and internationally.

We are a marketing company and e-commerce platform.

When providing all inclusive educational programs, we operate as a licensed Tour Operator, as requested by international law. Our Tour Operator company is registered in Italy with scia number 53745 and can operate worldwide.  As requested by international law, when providing all inclusive educational programs that last longer than 24 hours, we operate with professional insurance provided by Allianz.