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About the Stile Mediterraneo Food & Lifestyle Academy

Stile Mediterraneo Academy was founded by Cinzia Rascazzo (food expert, social entrepreneur, Harvard MBA) in 2007. After 15 years in Marketing and Finance and living in several countries, Cinzia decided to to quit the corporate life and pursue an entrepreneurial career that could allow her to have an impact on other people’s lives.

She went back to her home region, Puglia in Southern Italy, and together with a team of food experts and doctors started the Stile Mediterraneo Food & Lifestyle Academy with the mission of improving people’s quality of life through education and good food.

Stile Mediterraneo Academy provides educational culinary and health retreats suitable for doctors, individuals and corporate people. Guests learn the 4 step Stile Mediterraneo Lifestyle Method that allows them to revitalize the way they eat, work and live. This unique method was developed by our team of doctors and food experts and is based on the principles of the ancient Mediterranean Diet and way of life.

The Mediterranean Diet is Unesco World heritage since 2010 and one of the healthiest ways of eating and living according to Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Marika Rascazzo, a cardiologist and Stile Mediterraneo Academy’s co-founder, describes the Stile Mediterraneo method in her e-book: Mediterranean Secrets for a Healthy & Happy Life, that was presented at Harvard Business School in 2012.

Stile Mediterraneo Academy has provided educational events in Puglia, San Francisco, Boston, Princeton, Florida, Georgia, Montreal, Ottawa, Hong Kong, Germany.

The New York Times celebrated the role of Stile Mediterraneo Academy in promoting such an ancient and healthy way of life.


About Artisans of Taste Experiences 

In 2015, Cinzia Rascazzo also launched Artisans of Taste Experiences providing experiential education to bring international people to where farmers work. Educational field trips are provided in Puglia, Piedmont, Tuscany, Sardinia, Dolomites, Basque Countries and soon other European regions.*

What makes these experiences really unique are the very select and inspiring food artisans, farmers and wine makers that our guests meet throughout the week programs. Not only do partecipants have a chance to be empowered about the highest quality local foods and wines, but they also meet with food artisans who are striving to have an impact on the world through the artisanal products they make.

Our programs are suitable for people who want to make an impact by making conscious food choices, but also for people who want to discover their passion. change career, launch an entrepreneurial business and live the life they want.

*When providing educational programs that also include accommodation we operate as a licensed tour operator, as requested by European and international law.

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