Artisans of Taste was founded in 2014 by Cinzia Rascazzo (purpose-driven entrepreneur, sustainability evangelist, Harvard MBA).

Our mission is to drive social impact by promoting sustainable brands in the food, fashion and lifestyle sectors and helping them get in direct contact and engage with international people who want to buy products that are good for their health and that have a positive impact also on our planet and climate.

We organize educational events and field trips* that educate international customers who want to make informed choices and know how products are made, what impact their production has on their health, our planet and climate change.

*When providing educational field trips that also include accommodation we operate as a licensed tour operator, as requested by European and international law.


In 2008, Cinzia Rascazzo also founded the Stile Mediterraneo Food & Lifestyle Academy with the goal to revitalize the way people eat, work and live. Stile Mediterraneo is made of a team of doctors and food experts, providing educational retreats to individuals and corporate clients who learn how to improve their energy, wellbeing, happiness by eating well and living well and by having an impact through what they do.

During the retreats, clients learn the Stile Mediterraneo method based on scientific research and the principles of the Unesco heritage’s Mediterranean Diet, one of the healthiest in the world according to Harvard Medical School.

Stile Mediterraneo Academy has hosted events in Puglia, San Francisco, Boston, Princeton, Florida, Georgia, Montreal, Ottawa, Hong Kong, Germany.

Our e-book: Mediterranean Secrets for a Healthy & Happy Life, was presented at Harvard Business School in 2012.

The New York Times celebrated the role of Stile Mediterraneo Academy in promoting such an ancient and healthy way of life.