Mediterranean Diet

Healthy and tasty bread made with whole grains and unrefined flours

After visiting many artisan mills and bakeries all over Italy and reading lots of medical research on the health benefits of complex grains, I can't buy bread from the store anymore. I just love making my own bread once a week, using very select flours that I source from my [...]

Home-made food that makes us happy while self-isolating at home: Italian potato focaccia

    Good home-made food has the power to make us feel well and happy, especially when we make it from scratch and with our hands. This is something we certainly need now that we are self-isolating at home and spending so much time inside. This Italian potato focaccia recipe [...]

Extra virgin olive oil rejuvinates the brain thanks to hydroxytyrosol, new research says

Extra virgin olive oil health benefits for the brain. Italian scientists say that hydroxytyrosol can increase new neurons counteracting cognitive decline during aging

How to make traditional Italian tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes

  One thing that I love about the Mediterranean Diet food of Puglia is the fact that even though our recipes are very simple to prepare, the resulting dishes are extremely delicious and healthy! Tomato sauce is the recipe that best represents the simplicity of the Mediterranean Diet. We use [...]