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Learn the secrets of the healthy Mediterranean cuisine

We have a few places left for our SPECIAL cooking and wine tour in Lecce Puglia Italy on September 20th-27th, 2014. This program is focused on the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine and food. This is a unique opportunity to join the Stile Mediterraneo Academy and learn all the [...]

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Why the Mediterranean diet or cuisine is so important

Why is the Mediterranean diet so important? The article in the Wall Street Journal clearly explains why the latest results of the massive study conducted on more than 7,000 patients in Spain and published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine are extremely important. The WSJ  says "Few previous [...]

Eating healthy: delicious strawberry salad

A few days ago, I attended a very interesting dinner my Harvard Alumni Club organized in Milan. Umberto Veronesi was our dinner guest. He is the founder of the Veronesi Foundation, which carries on very important scientific research in order to fight cancer. At the dinner he spoke about the scientific advances in genetics and [...]

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