Information about traveling around Italy or in Puglia

Join Artisans of Taste Tours in Italy, France and Spain

Join Artisans of Taste on a culinary and wine tour in Puglia Tuscany Piedmont Sardenia or France and Spain. Visit select food and wine artisans with food expert Cinzia Rascazzo founder of the Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School in Puglia and of Artisans of Taste, a licensed Tour operator.

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Best thing to do in Puglia: learn about the culture of olive oil

Guests who attend our culinary and wine tours in Puglia often tell us how impressed they are with the architecture and beauty of Lecce and whole Salento (the county of Lecce). The usual comment is: "we did not expect all this magnificence!" Beauty is everywhere: from Lecce's wonderfully decorated baroque [...]

Healthy and delicious Italian food for lunch in Milan!

Admit it, sometimes you think of Italian food as a big bowl of pasta with lots of parmigiano cheese or a mozzarella and salami slice of pizza. Well, think again! These days many Italian restaurants (in all budget categories) are updating themselves quickly to include a variety of ingredients that [...]

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