Puglia Extra virgin olive oil

Puglia extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil tastings and tours in Italy

Best thing to do in Puglia: learn about the culture of olive oil

Guests who attend our culinary and wine tours in Puglia often tell us how impressed they are with the architecture and beauty of Lecce and whole Salento (the county of Lecce). The usual comment is: "we did not expect all this magnificence!" Beauty is everywhere: from Lecce's wonderfully decorated baroque [...]

How to buy the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

HOW TO BUY THE BEST EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL I am often told by those attending our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Tours of the difficulties in selecting the best extra virgin olive oil or even just a good olive oil when they shop at home. They are not familiar with [...]

Why the Mediterranean diet or cuisine is so important

Why is the Mediterranean diet so important? The article in the Wall Street Journal clearly explains why the latest results of the massive study conducted on more than 7,000 patients in Spain and published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine are extremely important. The WSJ  says "Few previous [...]


10 RULES TO HELP YOU FIND OUT HOW AND WHERE TO BUY THE BEST EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL   First of all you should look at the label and ask yourself what information the label is providing me. You need to know that food products need to have a label [...]

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