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Video: how to make frisella barley bread from Puglia Italy

If you like simple, tasty and very easy to make food then you should definitively try the frisella barley bread from Italy Puglia. Frisella is made with whole grains, either with durum wheat semolina or with barley. Very rarely it is made with white flour. There is nothing to cook with [...]

Eating healthy: delicious strawberry salad

A few days ago, I attended a very interesting dinner my Harvard Alumni Club organized in Milan. Umberto Veronesi was our dinner guest. He is the founder of the Veronesi Foundation, which carries on very important scientific research in order to fight cancer. At the dinner he spoke about the scientific advances in genetics and [...]

Italian Summer fruit salad

Summer has definitively arrived in Puglia and we have been experiencing unusual warm temperatures for the whole week. This also means that we can also finally find all the super delicious summer fruit. Marika has been making all sorts of fruit salads, which not only are very delicious, but also very refreshing and healthy. Today she made a fruit salad with [...]