E-book – Mediterranean Diet Recipes for a Healthy and Happy Life


Learn what the true Mediterranean Diet really is, how the Mediterranean Diet works and why it has so many health benefits.

Learn the Stile Mediterraneo – Mediterranean Lifestyle Method and approach to healthy eating and living.

Try lots of authentic Mediterranean Diet recipes.

Learn the secrets of the authentic and ancient Mediterranean Diet written by people whose family has been following it for centuries


Mediterranean Diet Recipes for a Healthy and Happy Life

In this ebook Dr. Rascazzo, a cardiologist, explains what the ancient Mediterranean Diet really is and how it works from the health point of you.

The ebook also includes delicious and very easy to make Mediterranean Diet recipes.

You learn that the Mediterranean Diet is about eating everything and all the macronutients. The Mediterranean Diet is about removing processed/industrial food, refined grains, refined sugars and refined oils. The Mediterranean Diet is about cooking at home so that you can control the quality of the ingredients you use and the cooking method. It is about cooking with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil which has very high fume point and is rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, making it very stable at high temperature. The Mediterranean Diet is about eating seasonal foods. It is a plant based diet high in legumes, vegetables, complex grains (that we use to make pasta and bread), seafood and little red meat and sweets.

The Mediterranean Diet is about eating slowly, having meals with the family and friends. And it is about combining good food, social /family life with physical activity. Every day people in the Mediterranean countries do a one hour stroll.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet to lose weight. Diet comes from diaita which in ancient Greek means “lifestyle”. That’s why our brand Stile Mediterraneo which means Mediterranean Style or Lifestyle.

Of course, if you move from a diet high in processed food and refined sugars, carbs and oil, for sure you will lose weight when following the Mediterranean Diet.

But the Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle that allows people to prevent lots of diseases, to enjoy good /tasty food, to have a happy social life. And that’s why people that follow the Mediterranean Diet have a very longevity rate.

It’s not just the extra virgin olive oil. It’s not just the food. It’s the whole lifestyle.

Through this e-book , you learn about the Stile Mediterraneo method that is based on four pillars:

1) using high quality ingredients;

2) using a cooking method that enhances flavors and nutrients;

3) living a slow lifestyle and eating / cooking together with family and friends;

4)combining good foods with physical activity


You also learn why the Mediterranean Diet became Unesco world heritage and the role of Mediterranean Countries’ women in handing down for centuries such a unique way of life together with recipes.

Our ebook is a way to thank local women and women in our family who preserved recipes that had never been written down before and a whole set of values and culture together with them.

The e-book includes many simple and very tasty Southern Italian recipes and is written in ENGLISH!


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