Learn what the true Mediterranean Diet really is about and why it became Unesco world heritage in 2010.

Learn the Stile Mediterraneo Method and approach to healthy eating and living.



THE CUISINE OF SOUTHERN ITALIAN WOMEN: Mediterranean Secrets for a Healthy and Happy Life

In this ebook we explain what the Mediterranean Diet really is. You learn that it is about eating everything, high quality and in balance as well as having a slow and social way of life.

You learn about the Stile Mediterraneo method that is about: 1) using high quality ingredients; 2) using a cooking method that enhances flavors and nutrients; 3) living a slow lifestyle and eating / cooking together with family and friends.

You learn why it became Unesco world heritage and the role of women in handing down for centuries such a unique way of life together with recipes.

Our ebook is a way to thank local women who preserved recipes that had never been written down before and a whole set of values and culture together with them.


The e-book includes many simple and very tasty Southern Italian recipes and is written in ENGLISH!


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