Equilibrium EVOO 12 bottles x 750ML- shipping to USA & Canada

Equilibrium EVOO 12 bottles x 750ML- shipping to USA & Canada


(5 customer reviews)

Equilibrium is one of the best extra virgin live oil rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.

With Equilibrium you enjoy all the extra virgin olive oil health benefits.

Due to its very high hume point, Equilibrium is the best oil for cooking and frying.

It pairs well with burrata, seafood, salads, good bread, vegetable soups, legumes and is also perfect for baking.

Equilibrium is made following olive oil taster Cinzia Rascazzo’s strict criteria.

We ship our Equilibrium extra virgin olive oil to USA and Canada


EQUILIBRIUM is one of the best Italian extra virgin olive oil. It is EXCLUSIVELY FORMULATED and produced following Cinzia Rascazzo’s (olive oil taster and food expert) rigid criteria and supervision.



-Olive trees are planted on a very dry soil and near the sea.

-Olive trees are planted in a traditional way that makes both the soil and plants stronger.

-Olives used are naturally rich in antioxidants and picked early, in order to increase the polyphenols content.

-Olives never touch the ground.

-Olive oil is extra virgin because no chemical solvents are used and olives are pressed at low temperatue using a cold press, within a few hours.

-Extra virgin olive oil is stored in stainless steel tins and not in clear glass bottles

-Extra virgin olive oil is shipped to you within 7-10 business days, after tins being filled, to reduce risks due to bad storage in a shop or warehouse.



This is a very elegant extra virgin olive oil. All qualities are in Equilibrium. It is bitter, spicy and fruity. On a scale of intensity from 0 to 10 this could rank 6,5.

It is for people who are expert in EVOO and appreciate the health benefits and qualities related to being bitter and spicy.

We do not provide “delicate/mild” extra virgin olive oils as, in addition to having little polyphenols/antioxidants, they may turn rancid very quickly.



This EVOO has:

very LOW acidity (the only way to measure the acidity level is on the laboratory: characteristics like bitterness and peppery taste have nothing to do with the acidity level and are indicators of high quality. We cannot measure the acidity level of the evoo with our senses).

-very HIGH polyphenols content (EVOOs that are rich in antioxidants are bitter and peppery)

-naturally rich in Vitamin E 

-naturally rich is monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) 

Very high quality extra virgin olive oils have very high fume point, higher than low quality EVOO and lower than refined olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best cooking oil to be used for sauteeing and for frying.



Extra virgin olive oil has only one ingredient: olive oil that is extra virgin.

No chemical solvents are used during the pressing process (olives are pressed at low temperature with a cold press) and no preservatives or other additives are added to make the EVOO last longer.

This is why, in addition to their health benefits, antioxidants are very important as they make the EVOO last longer. And the more polyphenols, the better.

Extra virgin olive oil does not expire. It has a best before date of 18 months, from the date when the olive oil is bottled. This means that an old evoo, from past harvests, could have a “best before date” of 18 more months from the date when it is bottled. This is why the “harvest date” is more important than the “best before date”.

EVOO should be kept away from light, oxygen and heat. Do not buy clear bottles. Do not keep it near the stove.



The harvest date is very important as it tells you not only if old oils are used (from past harvests), but also if olives or olive oils come different countries than Italy (or the country indicated under “Product of……”).

When you buy olive oil you should always look for the sentence indicating the “harvest date”. If this sentence is nont on the label, you know what it means.



Equilibrium EVOO goes very well with any kind of food, from seafood to salads, bread, bruschetta, soups and is perfect for baking.

Join our online courses on how to correctly pair food and extra virgin olive oil, or on which is the best and healthiest oil for cooking and deep-frying.



Join our online course on how to make clean and natural products for your hair and skin with extra virgin olive oil.



Tins are the best way to store evoo.

We use 750 ML tin-bottles and you can order a minimum of twelve 750ml tin-bottles. We can ship other multiple of 6.

We ship your olive oil in a styrofoam shipper (the same used to ship wine bottles). Styrofoam offers the very best insulation and padding. And our goal is for your precious olive oil to arrive in great shape.



We ship our extra virgin olive oil to the US and Canada.

Please, contact us if you wish to order 18 tins or other multiples of 6.

Price includes:

-finest extra virgin olive oil

-shipping cost to one address in the US or Canada (please ask for shipping cost to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil)

-styrofoam boxes

-Italian VAT tax

-Prior Notice form requested by US customs

-paypal transfer fees.


People who buy our Stile Mediterraneo EVOO can attend a FREE live olive oil tasting class with their family and friends.


Please provide us with your address, email and phone number when placing your order.

5 reviews for Equilibrium EVOO 12 bottles x 750ML- shipping to USA & Canada

  1. Laura DeVault

    The previous reviews say it all! I’ve been ordering these EVOOs from Cinzia since I first tasted them in Puglia several years ago. The trees are stunning & lovingly cared for. Every time I open a bottle (at least once a day), I am reminded of the day that I met these beautiful trees and first tasted these oils. They don’t taste like anything I’d ever used before! I use them on almost everything, from humble avocado toast to all manner of vegetables and fish. They elevate everything they touch! They make wonderful presents for my very favorite people, when I can bear to part with a bottle, and my friends feel so special when I serve it at the table for an extra drizzle.

  2. Kristine Merz

    I have been ordering this Olive Oil for years. After having the privilege of Learning about Extra Virgin Olive from Cinzia you are never the same. What I love about what I learned is that I can apply it to any olive oil I buy. Having this olive oil really helps you set a bar for quality by which all others can be compared. The taste of this is so well balanced and it makes everything I use it on that much better, not to mention you are getting all of the nutritional benefits. Healthy and so incredibly delicious. If you want to know what real quality extra virgin olive is – get this and you will forever be changed.

  3. giovanni gavetti

    I’ve ordered Cinzia’s oils for the first time this year. It has been a wonderful surprise. I am not new to this kind of high-end olive oils, but both the Green Season and the Equilibrium far exceeded my expectations. I like them so much that I invited a friend/oil expert over for lunch the other day to try my new oils. He brought three oils that he considers among the best he ever had: one from Sicily (a super high-end oil produced in very small quantities) and two from Australia. So just for fun we did a blind test (with the help of a good baguette and some parmesan cheese and prosciutto di Parma) of his oils vs the Green Season and the Equilibrium. They were all wonderful but in the end Green Season came out first, Equilibrium second, and the Sicilian oil third (although it was close to Equilibrium in taste). It’s a matter of taste, but I slightly prefer Green Season for its slightly more pronounced bitterness. But Equilibrium is superb for certain applications. For instance, my wife and I did our best pesto genovese ever with it, using our own basil.

  4. Cinzia Rascazzo

    Dear Jim and Cheryl thank you so much for posting your review and for sharing the information about my extra virgin olive oils with your dear friends. And I am so happy to read that you use Equilibrium for cooking as it is so important for our health to cook with a healthy lipid, as I teach in my olive oil tastings. I am really impressed with all the beautiful and certainly delicious foods you have been making in the past months with my olive oils!

  5. Jim and Cheryl Strain

    Like the Green Season Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Equilibrium Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits all of the characteristics of an excellent EVOO – peppery on the back of the tongue, the catch in the throat and so forth. It is not quite as tannic and, therefore, not as bitter as the Green Season. It is a little more subtle. We use it for cooking (indeed our sablefish tonight will be cooked in it), on toast and for salads. This year, we will go through a case of Equilibrium in addition to the two cases of Green Season. Its antioxidant levels seem to be very high. It’s packaging, like Green Season’s packaging, is designed to minimize the deterioration of the EVOO by exposure to air and light. The bottom line is if we had never been introduced to Green Season, this would be our favorite EVOO by far. As it is, it is our second favorite and it is only a little behind Green Season which is our favorite. We are proud to note that several of our friends have taken to ordering EVOO from Cinzia – some of whom did a Skype-tasting with her and some of whom did not. All are now devotees and understand why one wants really fine EVOO for everything.

  6. Cinzia Rascazzo

    Dear Alessandra,
    thank you so much for your beautiful review and for sharing your secret!
    Also, thank you so much for sharing the information about my olive oil among your friends.
    I am so happy that you still remember that memorable experience when we first met in Puglia and I took you to those magic ancient olive trees. It is so important that the olives never touch the ground during the harvest time so we don’t use nets and pick olives from the trees. It is a joy that you appreciate all the work that is behind that delicious and super rich in polyphenols olive oil.
    My purpose is to spread the joy of eating healthy and sustainable food that makes us healthier and happier!

  7. Alessandra

    I have been ordering this very special olive oil from Cinzia for a few years. I must say, this olive oil makes everything I cook and prepare more delicious. Here’s a secret: after I pour the oil from the measuring spoon or cup, I lick the measurement because the taste is divine, and, frankly, I don’t want to waste even a drop. ( then the measurements are sterilized)
    Also, I have visited the olive grove where these olives are so carefully and lovingly removed from the absolutely gorgeous and ancient trees. These olives do not touch the ground. Oh no. Everything is done mindfully and artistically. Cinzia has a high standard, and is very particular. ( in a good way) . Everything she chooses is the highest quality.
    We now have a group of a half a dozen or more who order from Cinzia once or twice a year. And, that is another benefit: when these cases arrive, all beautifully and carefully wrapped, of course, I feel as though it’s Christmas. I fill with excitement, and I am ready for my next delicious menu

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