Equilibrium EVOO 1 lt – shipping to USA & Canada

Equilibrium EVOO 1 lt – shipping to USA & Canada

NOTE: this is the olive oil we sell the most and we run out of very fast as we make very little quantity. In case you wish to book the 2017 olive oil production from now, please let us know.

Equilibrium is exclusively formulated for the Stile Mediterraneo Academy, Puglia Italy.

It is produced following the very strict criteria defined by Cinzia Rascazzo (certified olive oil taster).



EQUILIBRIUM EVOO IS EXCLUSIVELY FORMULATED for Stile Mediterraneo Puglia Italy, following Cinzia Rascazzo’s food expert rigid criteria and control.

-Olives picked in between end of September and beginning of October.

-Olive never touch the ground

-Olives are pressed within a few hours using a cold press.

-Olive trees are planted on a very dry soil and near the sea.



This is a very elegant extra virgin olive oil. All qualities are in Equilibrium. It is bitter, spicy and fruity. On a scale of intensity from 0 to 10 this could rank 6,5.



It goes very well with any kind of food, from seafood to salads, bread, bruschetta, soups and sweets.



Our extra virgin olive oils come either in a 1 liter tin or 250ml tin. When you make an order please specify which size you prefer.

Tins are the best way to store evoo.

We recommend you use a table spoon when serving the olive oil to prevent any waste of olive oil.



We ship our extra virgin olive oil to the US and Canada.

To save on shipping costs, we ship a minimum of 1 YEAR SUPPLY ORDERS, equivalent to 12 One-liter tins.

Please let us know how many cases you would like to order and we will give you a quote. Price is based on a minimum order of 12 one-liter tins of Equilibrium extra virgin olive oil which is available in limited amounts.

Price also includes:

shipping cost to an address in the US or Canada (please ask for shipping cost to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil)

-wrapping cost

-VAT tax

cost of Prior Notice form requested by US customs

paypal transfer fees.

Please provide us with your address, email and phone number.


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