Puglia cuisine

Learn all the secrets of the authentic and traditional Puglia cuisine at the Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School in Puglia Italy. Italy Cooking classes are hands on and for small groups. Puglia cuisine is healthy and simple

We are in the New York Times

We are so happy to share such great news! We are in the New York Times and the article perfectly captures our mission, that is to promote the healthy aspects of Southern Italian food, an ancient cuisine that Southern Italian women handed down from mother to daughter for centuries and today [...]

The American Cucina Italiana magazine features our pasta recipe

The American La Cucina Italiana food magazine features Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School Puglia. Cinzia Rascazzo director and owner of the cooking school shares her recipe of the burnt durum wheat orecchiette from Puglia. This is typical dish of the peasant cuisine of Puglia. Cinzia is native to Puglia and shares [...]

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Almond paste Easter lamb

Almond paste lamb is the traditional sweet all local families have for the Easter festivities in Puglia. This sweet is made only twice a year: in the shape of fish at Christmas, and in the shape of lamb at Easter. The difference between our Puglia almond paste and the Sicilian [...]

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