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Almond paste lamb is the traditional sweet all local families have for the Easter festivities in Puglia.

This sweet is made only twice a year: in the shape of fish at Christmas, and in the shape of lamb at Easter.

The difference between our Puglia almond paste and the Sicilian marzipan is that the almond paste is raw, while the marzipan is cooked.

The best almond paste lambs are made by the nuns from Lecce. So if you are in Puglia for the Easter festivities you should not miss to taste it.

The best quality ones have very little sugar and the almond paste is made of very good quality almonds (locals from Puglia, of course!).

The almond paste lamb is filled with quince jam (very traditional in Puglia) and sometimes with faldacchiera (egg yolks and sugar).

The almond paste is made of almonds, very little sugar and is kneaded with a local liquor.

This is the perfect sweet for those who love almonds.

Happy Easter and Buona Pasqua from Lecce Puglia!

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