ONLINE COURSE: health benefits of olive oils that are truly extra virgin and guided tasting


Learn the difference between olive oil and extra virgin oil, its health benefits in terms of Vitamin E and antioxidants and attend a guided olive oil sensory tasting


Learn about the health benefits of olive oil.

From what it means to be extra virgin (it’s not just about the first press!), to how to read a label (in order to find out if the olive oil was made with old/rancid oils or where it was truly made) to all the health benefits in terms of antioxidants, Vitamin E and good fats.

Class also includes a guided and practical olive oil tasting where you learn to use you nose and palate in order to find out if the olive oil is truly extra virgin.


You can put together a group of friends and we will send you all material you need during the class. It will be a fun social event with your family or friends.


Class is private for you or your group of friends, in English (or Italian) and provided online via Skype.

It is a LIVE class (and not recorded), so you can ask all questions you may have and get real time answer.

It lasts 90 minutes.

Once you book the class, we will arrange date and time when to connect.

In order to attend the guided tasting it is recommended to use a Stile Mediterraneo extra virgin olive oil (either Equilibrium or Green Season label).


Class is FREE for people who bought our Stile Mediterraneo EVOO.


Price includes:

-90 minute private class in English (theory + practical guided tasting)

-paypal transfer fees



For more information please send an email to: [email protected]


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