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We are in the New York Times

We are so happy to share such great news! We are in the New York Times and the article perfectly captures our mission, that is to promote the healthy aspects of Southern Italian food, an ancient cuisine that Southern Italian women handed down from mother to daughter for centuries and today [...]

Learn the secrets of the healthy Mediterranean cuisine

We have a few places left for our SPECIAL cooking and wine tour in Lecce Puglia Italy on September 20th-27th, 2014. This program is focused on the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine and food. This is a unique opportunity to join the Stile Mediterraneo Academy and learn all the [...]

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Video: how to make handmade orecchiette pasta from Puglia Italy

Today was market day in Lecce! So I went to the market (the one where locals go) and met my producer friends who gave me their super sweet tomatoes, basil plants, dried oregano, broccoli rabe and delicious cacioricotta cheese. Therefore, with all these beautiful ingredients I decide to make handmade [...]

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Video: how to make frisella barley bread from Puglia Italy

If you like simple, tasty and very easy to make food then you should definitively try the frisella barley bread from Italy Puglia. Frisella is made with whole grains, either with durum wheat semolina or with barley. Very rarely it is made with white flour. There is nothing to cook with [...]

Video: how to make real cavatelli pasta from Puglia

This is the beginning of a series where we take you directly into our Cooking School in Puglia and teach you how to make some of the best recipes from Puglia. Today we are making the real cavatelli pasta from Puglia Italy. We will be using with durum wheat semolina [...]

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