Altamura italy bread

Puglia is becoming more and more famous around the world for the Altamura bread. This bread has been the first, in the bakery category, to receive the PDO seal (Denomination of Protected Origin) in Europe. The PDO recognition is equivalent to the DOC one for wines.

Its unique taste is the result of the handmade method (a procedure which has been passed on generation after generation) but it is also the result of the specific climatic conditions.
This bread has a typical shape, similar to a hat and a unique yellow color. The crust is very crunchy, the breadcrumb is very soft and the bread can last for many days!

Its production has to follow a specific procedure: it can be made with the durum wheat semolina varieties: “Appulo”, “Arcangelo” which are produced in the Alta Murgia area, in Puglia.

The durum wheat grains can only be milled at the mills in the Altamura area.
The bread must be produced with mother yeast. The only other ingredients are sea salt and water. Water needs to be verified and certified every year, to make sure it answers specific criteria.
Kneading must last 20 minutes, after which the dough rests for about 2 hours in total.
The dough can only be baked in an oak wood oven at 250°C.