About Artisans of Taste

Our mission is to empower people who want to eat well and live life to the fullest.

At our health and culinary retreats in Puglia, we teach our unique Stile Mediterraneo – Mediterranean Lifestyle – Method that allows people to eat consciously and live a balanced life.

We also provide educational field trips in Puglia, Tuscany, Piedmont, Sardinia, Dolomites and other regions in Italy in order to teach how to apply our method. We bring people to the source of taste and connect them with select artisans that meet our criteria and make a difference in the world.

Our method was developed by our team of food experts and doctors and is based on the latest medical research as well as the principles of the ancient Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest in the world according to Harvard Medical School.

Artisans of Taste was founded by Cinzia Rascazzo (social entrepreneur, Harvard MBA, food expert).

We were featured in the New York Times,  Forbes,  Sunday Times,  Sole 24ore.

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Journeys to the Source of Taste

Puglia – (May TO Oct) Gourmet travelers meet Founder Cinzia. One day

Spain best places

Puglia-Lecce (May 6-13; July 8-15, 2017) Culinary & Slow Lifestyle Retreat

Sardinia (June 17-24, 2017) Longevity Diet & Slow Lifestyle

Dolomites (Jul 29-Aug 5, 2017) Good Food & Slow Lifestyle Retreat

Northern Puglia (Sept 23-30, 2017) A week for people who like very good food

Piedmont (Nov 4-11, 2017) Special white truffle & Barolo wine week

Private Self-Guided Tours

Dolomites (Apr TO Sept) one week private tours

Puglia (Apr TO Oct) one week private tours

Basque country (May TO Oct) one week private tours

Italy wine tour

Piedmont (May TO Nov) one week private tours

Spain San Sebastian food

Sardinia (May TO Sept) one week private tours

Tuscany (May TO Oct) one week private tours

Milan (April TO Nov, 2017) one week private tours

Start Your Own Food Business

Puglia (Apr 1-8, 2017) how to launch a food / lifestyle business

Puglia (Aug 26-Sept 2, 2017) how to launch a food / lifestyle business

Puglia (Nov 26-Dec 3, 2017) how to launch a food / lifestyle business


green season olive oil

A case of Green Season Stile Mediterraneo EVOO

equilibrium olive oil Puglia

A Case of Equilibrium Stile Mediterraneo EVOO

Learn the Stile Mediterraneo method