One week culinary tour with AoT founder

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Join Artisans of Taste’s founder Cinzia Rascazzo on a special one week culinary tour in Puglia.
Get to the heart of the Italian food, wine and culture with LOCAL EXPERTS!
Learn about the Stile Mediterraneo – Mediterranean Style – method and how to source and taste the highest quality foods and wines!

Learn about the authentic Mediterranean diet, Unesco world heritage, that women handed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Learn why this way of eating and living (considered one of the healthiest in the world by Harvard Medical School) is at risk of becomig exstinct even in Puglia and Southern Italy.

Learn about Cinzia’s mission and activity to promite the authentic Mediterranean way of eating and lifestyle.

Meet select food and wine artisans that meet Cinzia’s super strict quality criteria.

Dates & Itinerary:

Please contact us for information about our special culinary tour, availability, itinerary and price Please specify the dates of interest.


Most of the activities take place in Lecce and in the near by area.



Deposit €50.00
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