We are just back from the Langhe, the Unesco heritage wine area in Piedmont. We went to Alba, the capital of truffle, where every year in November a truffle action and fair takes place.

We visited almost all the most amazing wineries Piedmont has. We went to Barbaresco, La Morra, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Verduno, Serralunga, Dogliani, Canelli, Canale. So not only excellent Barolo wines (some of the most expensive Italian wines) but also Roero, Arneis, Barbaresco (my favorite!), Spumante metodo classico, Dolcetto di Dogliani.

And of course we made a selection of our favorite wineries that we are going to include in the next food and wine tours.

Our tours are limited to 14 people. So hurry up! It will not only be about excellent wines, but also about the truffle (and we will do a real truffle hunt!) and all the wonderful food from Piedmont: from the famous chocolate, to the best ice cream made with 100% local hazelnut, the number one Italian cheese (the Castelmagno DOC) and of course the local pasta (called agnolotti).

Here you find some highlights from my Piedmont Barolo wine tour.

Barolo wine Italy

What we liked the most about Piedmont is that there is so much history wherever you go. Torino was the first Italian capital and Piedmont was the base of our king.

These are some bottles from 1861, the year of Italian unification. The bottles have wine.

Best Italian barolo wine

This is Castiglione Falletto, where the Barolo is very strong and rich in tannins. Wines here are now so famous that a few days ago one hectare of land was sold at 8mln euro!

best italy wine tours

This is the castle where the international truffle auction takes place in November every year. Only a few people can access it!

Italy barolo wine tours

These are some nebbiolo vines that I thought of buying with the hope of making some fantastic Barolo wine.

Artisan barolo grappa

In Piedmont we do not only make barolo wine, but also Barolo grappa. Here we visited a famous Grappa artisan who makes the most delicious Barolo grappa.

Italy barolo grappaHere, you have some 1985 Barolo grappa bottles, that are still aging.

Best food tours italy

Hazelnut ice cream in Piedmont is the best I have ever eaten, made with 100% hazelnut. This is why the best ice cream artisans come from Piedmont. best Italian ice cream


Piedmont food wine tours

Famous Saluzzesi chocolates made in Saluzzo. They are filled with rum chocolate and all hand made by a local artisan. They make  a wonderful gift.

Italian food tours

Piedmont is famous for grissini breads and these were the best with some grated breadcrumbs on top. We could not stop eating grissini and extra virgin olive oil.

Italian best cheese

Castelmagno dop cheese is absolutely delicious.

Italy piedmont tours

We went to visit a local countess at her home….a beautiful castle on top of a hill.

She showed us her beautiful place and Jerome, her cute dog was following us. Italy best wine tours

These are some bottles of Puglian wine that we discovered in the Countess’ underground wine cellar. The proof that in the past Puglia wine was going to the north of Italy.

Piedmont wine tours Italy wine tour

This is the winery that used to be owned by the King of Italy. It is now one of the best Italian wineries.

Italy wine tours

This is the philosopher’s chair that we discovered when we went to a winery in the Canelli area. The wine is amazing. The food is fantastic. The landscape is very relaxing and beautiful. No wonder the philosopher needs to sit down to think about life.

For information about our Piedmont tour please send us an email asap.

Hope to have you with us.

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