italian olive oil

Yesterday, it was the WWF day in Italy and so also in Puglia all the beautiful WWF natural reserves were specially open to visitors…and children.
Marika was free from her work at the hospital and.…so this was the perfect occasion for a day outdoor, finally taking pictures of the beautiful flowers which have been coloring the countryside for the past months.
After a first stop at our favorite Natale ice cream artisan (of course Marika and I deserved some energy before the hard work!!) we took our bikes and headed to the nearby natural reserve.
It was so beautiful and relaxing: we were surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of brightly colored flowers: violet, yellow, white little flowers and purple poppies.
In the background thousands of olive trees that framed our lovely pictures……

Italy olive oil tours
We got so excited that bravely decided to take a secondary road …..

Puglia extra virgin olive oil tours
……. suddenly the most beautiful olive trees were around us!

Hundreds of years have passed and these olive trees are still here…..!! It’s just amazing how much more beautiful nature becomes with age and time!

200, 500, 800 years ..or may be more…I and Marika couldn’t agree about their age.

Please help! How old do you think they are?