Extra virgin olive oil

A scientific research shows why the Mediterranean Diet is so healthy

Doctors have finally found out that the health benefits effects of the Mediterranean diet may be due not only to the consumption of certain foods, but also to cooking techniques such as sofrito (sauté) made with extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes or garlic. This means that it is healthy to cook with extra virgin olive oil. Here find a recipe with lentils which are naturally rich in proteins and perfect for people who want to follow a Mediterranean Diet or a plant-based diet reducing the quantity of proteins coming from red meat

ONLINE COURSE: health benefits of olive oils that are truly extra virgin and guided tasting

Learn about the health benefits of olive oil. From what it means to be extra virgin (it's not just about the first press!), to how to read a label (in order to find out if the olive oil was made with old/rancid oils or where it was truly made) to [...]

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ONLINE COURSE: DIY recipes for your hair and skin with EVOO rich in Vitamin E

Learn about the health benefits of olive oils that are truly extra virgin and rich in Vitamin E, good fats and antioxidants. Learn DIY recipes with natural extra virgin olive oil for your skin and hair. Make your hair softer, shinier and healthier with natural and clean products. Class also [...]

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Extra virgin olive oils that are good for the soil, planet and our health

Not all extra virgin olive oils are the same!  In a previous post, we talked about how different EVOOs can be in terms of health benefits due to the different amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants) they have. The production method is another very important factor that makes extra virgin olive oils [...]

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