Italian food: Burrata and mozzarella cheese from Puglia

Burrata is a cheese traditionally made in the North of Puglia (Bari and surroundings). For burrata lovers it has always been impossible to find a cheese artisan who could make it in Lecce and in the South of Puglia. In Lecce the tradition is to eat the super delicious and juicy mozzarella, known as fior di latte.

italian burrata mozzarella

Today I went to my favorite cheese artisans with the beautiful ladies attending my cheese artisan and market tour. You cannot imagine what a wonderful surprise when we found out they were going to make burrata in front of us!

It was made with the same dough used to make the cow milk mozzarella. First, the dough was very well stretched and kneaded by hand (we don’t use any machine in Puglia).

burrata mozzarella italy

Then, the dough was filled with lots of mozzarella strips and cream.

how to make burrata cheese

Finally, it was closed with a string, immersed in water with salt and let it rest.

best burrata cheese

The cheese artisan told us that today he had the best weather condition to make the mozzarella.

We tasted the mozzarellas and we could not agree more.

What do you think of this cheese?

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  1. Cinzia & Marika April 19, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Hi Liliana: there are a few places in Montreal and New York who have burrata….but the best would be to have a burrata freshly made in front of you! you should definetely come to Puglia.
    Hi Stephen: next time you come back to Puglia I’ll take to my favorite cheese artisan. I am sure you and Rita will love the fresh burratas there! hope to see you both soon again.

  2. Stephen April 16, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    greetings c!
    i love burrata – our friend bought us some from zabars – which is across the street. they only get one shipment per week, and it’s gone in a few hours.
    see you soon.

  3. Liliana April 10, 2010 at 5:11 am

    I have been trying to find this wonderful cheese but it seems impossible to fine it here in Montreal. I tried what I thought was burrata cheese in New York city but it wasn’t. Guess I will have to plan a trip to Puglia to try it!

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