Happy Easter to all our friends and readers!

What a wonderful joy for me and Marika to wake up this morning!
We were so excited at the idea of preparing the traditional Italian Easter bread with eggs for our big family lunch.
This was something our Nonna used to make when we were very little: instead of chocolate eggs we used to receive this bread, which was prepared only for this special holiday. We still remember the smell and feeling the warm bread in our hands!
Now it’s our turn…..and I and Marika love making Easter bread!
This is our recipe:
– 1/2 glass freshly squeezed orange juice;
– 500 grams of flour;
– 250 whole grain flour;
– baking yeast (natural is better);
– 6 eggs;
– 1 yolk;
– 1 tsp sugar;
– 2 tsp sea salt;
– 1 lemon zest;
– 1/2 glass extra virgin olive oil;
Boil the water and prepare 6 hard eggs. Let them cool down.
Mix the two flours together. While mixing, add the olive oil and orange juice. In a cup, dissolve the yeast in warm water and add the salt and a pinch of sugar. Add the yeast to the dough. Finally add the grated lemon zest. Keep kneading the dough for a while. Then separate the dough in 2 pieces, make the shape of two round baskets and place three hard eggs in the middle of each dough. Let them rise for at least two hours, in a warm environment.   Mix together the yolk with a tsp sugar and glaze it on top of each bread basket. Cook in a pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes at 180°C (350°F).
Do you have any similar Easter food tradition?
Please let us know if you ever make this recipe.