Green Season EVOO 6 bottles x 750ML – shipping to the UK

Green Season EVOO 6 bottles x 750ML – shipping to the UK


Enjoy extra virgin olive oil health benefits with Green Season produced following olive oil taster Cinzia Rascazzo’s strict criteria.

This is one of the best Italian olive oil very rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and monounsaturated fats.

Also, very high quality extra virgin olive oil have very high fume point and are recommended as best cooking oils and oils for frying.

We ship Green Season extra virgin olive oil to the UK

Due to its high antioxidants content, Green Season is a bit bitter on the palate and very spicy in the throat. This is the proof of its health benefits.

This is an olive oil for people who are expert and appreciate the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

It pairs well with high quality bread, burrata, seafood, vegetable soups, legume soups, pasta courses, tomato sauce, barbecue meat. It is excellent on top of all your salads or avocado.


Enjoy the extra virgin olive oil health benefits with GREEN SEASON EVOO.

This is an olive oil EXCLUSIVELY FORMULATED and produced following Cinzia Rascazzo’s (olive oil taster and food expert) rigid criteria and supervision.



-Olive trees are planted on a very dry soil and near the sea.

-Olive trees are planted in a traditional way that makes both the soil and plants stronger.

-Olives used are naturally rich in antioxidants and picked early, in order to increase the polyphenols content.

-Olives never touch the ground.

-Olive oil is extra virgin because no chemical solvents are used and olives are pressed at low temperatue using a cold press, within a few hours.

-Extra virgin olive oil is stored in stainless steel tins and not in clear glass bottles

-Extra virgin olive oil is shipped to you within 7-10 business days, after tins being filled, to reduce risks due to bad storage in a shop or warehouse.



This extra virgin olive oil is made from an Italian variety of olive that has the highest content in antioxidants.

This is an INTENSE EVOO from Puglia. With a strong green grass flavor. On a scale of intensity from 0 to 10 this could rank 7.

It is for people who are expert in EVOO and appreciate the health benefits and qualities related to being bitter and spicy.

We do not provide “delicate/mild” extra virgin olive oils as, in addition to having little polyphenols/antioxidants, they may turn rancid very quickly.



This EVOO has:

very LOW acidity (the only way to measure the acidity level is in the laboratory: characteristics like bitterness and peppery taste have nothing to do with the acidity level and are indicators of high quality. We cannot measure the acidity level of the evoo with our senses).

-very HIGH polyphenols content (EVOOs that are rich in antioxidants are bitter and peppery)

-naturally rich in Vitamin E 

-naturally rich is monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) 

High quality extra virgin olive oil has very high fume point, much higher than cheap and low quality extra virgin olive oil.

Because of its high content in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants you should use Green Season both raw for finishing and for cooking and frying.


Extra virgin olive oil has only one ingredient: olive oil that is extra virgin.

No chemical solvents are used during the pressing process (olives are pressed at low temperature with a cold press) and no preservatives or other additives are added to make the EVOO last longer.

This is why, in addition to their health benefits, antioxidants are very important as they make the EVOO last longer. And the more polyphenols, the better.

Extra virgin olive oil does not expire. It has a best before date of 18 months, from the date when the olive oil is bottled. This means that an old evoo, from past harvests, could have a “best before date” of 18 more months from the date when it is bottled. This is why the “harvest date” is more important than the “best before date”.

EVOO should be kept away from light, oxygen and heat. Do not buy clear bottles. Do not keep it near the stove.



The harvest date is very important as it tells you not only if old oils are used (from past harvests), but also if olives or olive oils come different countries than Italy (or the country indicated under “Product of……”).

When you buy olive oil you should always look for the sentence indicating the “harvest date”. If this sentence is nont on the label, you know what it means.



GREEN SEASON EVOO goes very well with legumes and vegetable soups, bruschetta bread, salads, tomatoes, pasta with vegetables, shrimps in sea salt crust.

Join our online courses on how to correctly pair food and extra virgin olive oil, or on which is the best and healthiest oil for cooking and deep-frying.



Join our online course on how to make clean and natural products for your hair and skin with extra virgin olive oil.



Tins are the best way to store evoo.

We use 750 ML tin-bottles and you can order a minimum of twelve 750ml tin-bottles. We can ship other multiple of 6.

We ship your olive oil in a styrofoam shipper (the same used to ship wine bottles). Styrofoam offers the very best insulation and padding. And our goal is for your precious olive oil to arrive in great shape.



Please, let us know if you wish to order 12, 18, 24, 30 or other multiple of 6 tins.

Price includes:

-finest extra virgin olive oil

-shipping cost to one address in the UK

-styrofoam boxes

-paypal transfer fees.

Price does not include: VAT and custom duty you may have to pay in your country


People who buy our Stile Mediterraneo EVOO can attend a FREE live olive oil tasting class with their family and friends.


Please provide us with your address, email and phone number when placing your order.



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