Secrets to Nourish Yourself

We are going through times of uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed.

My dear friend, Sandra Savine and I decided to organize a FREE 3-day Secrets to Nourish Yourself online event.

We will be sharing tools from our teaching that may help you reset, restore and renew.

Each day, Sandra will guide you through simple exercises that can help you find your inner peace. You will not need any equipment. You simply need to be comfortable so that ease becomes easier to access.

Each session with Sandra will last about 5 minutes.


Each day, Cinzia will share a few secrets from the Mediterranean Diet that can help you find your inner joy. The Mediterranean Diet is so much more than eating “healthy food”. Diet comes from the Greek word diaita which means “way of life“.  The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle that is centered around finding joy and purpose, every day of your life.

Each session with Cinzia will last about 15 minutes.


The event takes place on Zoom. Please register using the form below in order to receive all login details.


October 1, 2, 3, 2020.

Noon/12PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). 6PM Lecce, Italy Time.


Please share it with any friend who may be interested in this event!



At the end of each session, Cinzia will be happy to offer a FREE extra 15 minute session to check the vegetable oils you use at home for cooking or on the table. Just by looking at labels and packaging, Cinzia will be able to tell if you are using an oil that is refined with chemicals or that could be old and rancid with no antioxidants.

Please bring any extra virgin olive oil you have at home as well as oils of other source: avocado, sesame, coconut, sunflower, palm etc.

PS Goal of this session is not to promote Cinzia’s EVOOs (which will not be tasted), but to make sure your oils have health benefits and value the money you paid for. Three years ago Cinzia developed a serious allergy to chemicals used to refine sunflower oil and she now wants to make sure you use good oils.



To people attending all three events on Oct 1, 2 and 3, Cinzia will be happy to give a FREE pdf with a detailed list of all information you need to find on the label of an EVOO in order to increase chances that you get a high quality product.

The EVOO that meets these criteria will still need to be tasted at home, but at least you will be able to discard all those EVOOs that, even if expensive, are likely rancid or with little health benefits.



Sandra Savine is a Zero Balancing practitioner in Charlottesville Va. She is dedicated to helping people maximize their potential. She offers practical tools to support inner growth, and assist in creating a life-long process of self renewal and fulfillment. She teaches workshops such as Balanced Hedonism and The Art of Practicing Happiness to recharge resilience and joy.

Cinzia Rascazzo is a social impact entrepreneur on a mission to empower people to live life to the fullest.

After leaving the corporate life, for the last 15 years she has taught people how to live well and find their inner energy by following the ancient and plant-based Mediterranean Diet, one of the healthiest and most sustainable lifestyle and eating plans in the world.

In addition to teaching, she produces an extra virgin olive oil very rich in health benefits, because she believes that people can reach peak performance in a natural way.

Since Covid-19 started, Cinzia is now also coaching other people on how to start and run a business that allows them to do what they love, pursue their passions and have an impact on others.