Custom Tours

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If you like traveling on your own, with your family and group of friends, without being limited by a pre-scheduled itinerary please join our custom tours and vacations in Italy. I can help you customize an itinerary that best answers your interest and needs.

Not only will the itinerary include first class activities and services, but it will also be planned by a local Italian expert who knows first hand the AUTHENTIC Italy!

This will be a unique chance to enjoy a very unique, personal and authentic experience in Italy.


My custom trips includes services such as: accommodations, guided tours, cooking classes, wine tours, transfers, restaurants.

I can put together a one-day, four day or one-week package, or just help you with one or two services such as a cooking class or a guided tour.


I will help you put together a very customized itinerary in the most beautiful Italian regions:

– Puglia: it’s my home region so I am obviously biased when I say that it is beautiful! You will love the elegance of Lecce, t