Q: What is the difference between Artisans of Taste and Stile Mediterraneo Academy?

A: Stile Mediterraneo Food and Lifestyle Academy is how we started in 2007 in Puglia Southern Italy: providing culinary and healthy retreats to individuals and corporate people and teaching how to improve the way we eat, work and live through our unique method, based not only on healthy food but also on a balanced way of life.

In 2015 we also launched Artisans of Taste Experiences: in addition to the programs run in Southern Italy, we also provide experiential educational to bring people to where inspiring food artisans, farmers and chefs work. Our Artisans of Taste Experiences are run in each region in Italy and soon in other European regions. Goal of our experiences is not just to teach about healthy eating, but also how to live a meaningful life. Each food artisan and farmer included in our experiences is carefully chosen because of the impact he or she is striving to have on the world. Our educational experiences and programs are suitable for people who want to change career and launch a sustainable food business or for food artisans, chefs and entrepreneurs in the food or wellness business.