Q: What is special about Artisans of Taste?

A: Our mission is to provide educational food and wine tours that promote that best artisans among people who want to eat the best food and drink the best wines.

We carefully select the food and wine artisans that we include in our tours and experiences. We personally visit each artisan and check the quality of the ingredients and the production methods. We provide tours only in the best food and wine regions.

In addition to the tours, we also provide cooking classes at our Stile Mediterraneo cooking school in Puglia where we teach our students how to put together those high quality artisan ingredients in a way that is not only very tasty but also very healthy.


Q: Why shall we choose Artisans of Taste over other companies?

A: We are very serious about what we do and provide only the most professional services.

We are very proud to be the only company with a base in Puglia Italy and with a focus on food and wine classes and tours, that is regularly licensed as a tour operator.  By Italian, European and international law, any company (whether it is a cooking school, bike tour company, travel consultant or any other type of company) needs to have a license as travel agent or tour operator when providing activities that include classes, transfers, accommodations etc. This, even if the experiences are not guided and sold as self – guided.

This is in order to protect customers who buy and attend these activities, classes, tours and experiences.


Q: It is the first time we come to Italy, how shall we start? And how do we filter through all the information we find online?

A: Italy is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world and there are so many websites selling services and providing information about things to do and see in Italy.

The first step should be to buy services (accommodations, cooking classes, sightseeing tours, bike tours, wine tours and any product or service)  from a website that has a VAT code at the bottom. This is a legal obligation for any online business and is a guarantee that you are buying something from a company that really exists.

Second step should be to buy services (such as cooking classes, sightseeing tours, bike tours, wine tours, walking tours etc that also include accommodations and transfers and last longer than one day) from a company that is a tour operator or travel agent. By Italian and international law, only tour operators and travel agents are allowed to sell these services as they have a license as well as an insurance (mandatory by law when providing these services).

If you buy classes and all inclusive tours or activities from a cooking school, bike tour company, private travel consultant, famous TV celebrities or journalists who are not tour operators, you will be buying them from people who are not licensed and without insurance.


Q: What is the difference between Artisans of Taste and Stile Mediterraneo?

A: Stile Mediterraneo is the brand for our Cooking & Wine School located in Puglia Italy. Stile Mediterraneo means Mediterranean Style and our School is focused on teaching people the secrets of the ancient Unesco heritage Mediterranean-style cuisine of Southern Italy, one of the healthiest in the world according to Harvard Medical School.

Artisans of Taste is the brand for our Tour Operator license and business. We provide authentic experiences and educational tours in the best food and wine destinations in Italy. Our tours are guided or self guided and are aimed at promoting the best food and wine artisans who make highest quality products.

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