Nov 15 - 22 2019


4:00 pm - 10:00 am

One Week in Piedmont: Barolo wine tour and white truffle hunt

Join us in Alba Piedmont. Spend a wonderful week learning about white truffles and Barolo wines.

What makes this week very special are the inspiring food and wine local artisans we will meet. We will visit several wine makers who in addition to producing excellent Barolo and Barbaresco wines, have made their vineyards so unique and beautiful that their land was awarded as Unesco World heritage. It will be fascinating to visit a territory where all people work together for the common goal of improving their land and making excellent products.

We will learn about the extraordinary stories of wine makers who have contributed to making these wines so famous and high quality throughout centuries. We will learn about truffles. We will attend a cooking class, meet several inspiring food artisans and go to very select restaurants.

This trip is meant to be very educational and we will learn about super high quality foods and wine products from this beautiful region. Piedmont is the region where the Slow Food Movement was born and after this trip you will know why.

Please contact us for more information about the itinerary and price.