Jun 05 - 12 2022


4:00 pm - 11:00 am

Sustainable food in the Basque country: San Sebastian and Saint Jean de Luz

Join us for a foodie week in San Sebastian and Getaria in Spain and Saint Jean de Luz and Espellette in France.

 Learn about the excellent and sustainable food in the Basque country.

Learn about the extraordinary culture and history of this area and people.

Learn about the wonderful local foods made with freshest ingredients, seafood rich in omega 3 and sustainably caught and extra virgin olive oil.

Food is based on wonderful seafood and organic vegetables and is cooked in a very simple way. French cheese comes from very sustainable farms and animals bred in the mountains. Spanish ham comes from free-range animals, that feed on acorns.

San Sebastian and the whole Basque region has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants, just to say that good food is a very serious thing.

We will learn about the wonderful chocolate that was first introduced here in Europe from the Americas.

And the delicious pepper from Espelette, which was used to preserve the amazing Bayonne ham (instead of sea salt).

Please contact us for more information about the itinerary and price.

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