The cuisine of Puglia and Southern Italy is very different from the Northern Italian cuisine.

It is not only very tasty but also one of the healthiest food in the world.

It is a very balanced way of eating. At all meals a combination of GOOD CARBS, GOOD FATS (only EVOO), GOOD PROTEINS (mainly legumes and seafood and very little red meat) and lots of vegetables are eaten. Everything is eaten in moderation.

Two reasons make this cuisine very tasty and healthy.


First, the quality of the ingredients is key in the Pugliese cuisine. Only the freshest and seasonal ingredients are used. Ingredients and recipes change from season to season. All ingredients are local and grown in the sun. Almost nothing is imported.

It is a paesant cuisine based on lots of legumes, vegetables, seafood, durum wheat pasta and bread, little red meat and very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Both fresh and dry pasta are made without eggs. Only durum wheat, barley farro are used to make pasta, which are among the healthiest grains.


Furthermore, the cookery method is what makes this cuisine really unique, and very different from the cuisines of other Mediterranean countries.

The real Pugliese cuisine is home-made. Only at home, people can choose the best quality ingredients and cook them in a slow way, which enhances nutrients and flavors.

Food is never fried and always cooked at low flame. Extra virgin olive oil is used almost for everything (even for sweets).

It is a simple preparation: ingredients are SO tasty that don’t need complicated sauces or creams.


This ancient cookery method has never been written down but always handed down from mothers to daughters (Italian men rarely cook!). It is thanks to the Southern Italian Women that it has been preseved till today. The Mediterranean cuisine of Southern Italy became Unesco heritage in 2011.

In her new e-book, Dr. Marika Rascazzo describes the health benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine of Puglia and the role of Southern Italian Women. The e-book also features lots of recipes from the home-made cuisine of Puglia.

Puglia cuisine and recipes

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