Lots of medical studies have demonstrated the link between a Mediterranean way of eating (aka Mediterranean diet) rich in EVOO and a reduction in cardiovascular diseases or life-threatening events such as strokes.

The Mediterranean style cuisine is NOT a DIET to lose weight. It is a “way of eating and cooking” which is unique because it is not just very healthy but also one of the most delicious in the world.

It is based on EVOO, beans, seafood and little meat, good grains, vegetables and fruit…..and a glass of red wine per meal. All these ingredients are to be eaten in balance and in moderation at all meals.

However, the Mediterranean cuisine is not just about ingredients. It is also about a very peculiar cookery method, based on simple preparations, extra virgin olive oil and slow cooking and which enhances food nutrients and flavors.

This ancient Mediterranean cookery method, now UNESCO HERITAGE, has never been written down, but always handed down from mothers to daughters for centuries (you rarely see an Italian man in the kitchen!).


The Mediterranean diet can be summarized in a 4 C MODEL:



The 4 C MODEL was developed by Dr. Rascazzo (cardiologist) and described in her e-book The Cuisine of Southern Italian Women (Mediterranean Secrets for a Healthy & Happy Life):

1) Choice of fresh, seasonal, organic and very high quality ingredients from select producers;

2) Combination of all nutrients at all meals: good FATS (EVOO), PROTEINS (seafood, beans, little meat), CARBS (good grains) and vegetables and fruit;

3) ancient Cookery method, which is based on simplicity, extra virgin olive oil, slow cooking and which enhances food nutrients and flavors;

4) UNESCO HERITAGE Mediterranean Culture (social values, traditions, the eating together)


The beauty of the Mediterranean style cuisine is that it can be easily replicated in other countries and cultures: ingredients are easy to find in many countries, preparation method is pretty simple and does not entail sophisticated cooking techniques.

The Mediterranean style cuisine and way of eating is today at risk!

Because of the influence of new and more modern cuisines rich in bad fats and refined sugars, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases has increased even in the Mediterranean countries, especially among new generations.

Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School goal is to promote an old way of cooking and eating which is at risk of disappearing and which is healthful and delicious.