We are disrupting the way international consumers buy high quality food and wine products from different international areas and small companies reach the international markets.

Until now, only those companies who can afford to invest in marketing or go to fairs, can get to export their products reaching importers or retailers who most of the times select products based on price and volumes. Many small food and wine artisans, who make super high quality products, are left out as they can’t afford to promote their products.

At the same time, international consumers are in the retailers’ hands. They find products that sound Italian, Spanish, French or else in the local shops but that are not authentic.

We are changing all this!

We think that food tourism is a unique opportunity for the small producers to promote their artisan products directly without intermediaries and for foodie travelers to discover the authentic local excellence.

We are an online platform that aggregates the best food and wine artisans and connects them with people who want to eat well and live well.

We provide educational food and wine experiences and tours through which international foodie travelers can finally meet the local producers, learn about their artisan products and get direct access to the best artisan foods and wines at the source.

At the same time, our educational experiences and tours are also a huge opportunity for the small food and wine producers to directly reach the international consumers who care for quality and artisan products.

We want small producers and artisans to take care of their products, while we take care of their marketing, through our educational experiences and online activity. Through our newsletters and e-commerce platform, people can buy the best products direct from the small producers.

We personally select each artisan we promote and include in our tours and newsletters: from small wineries, food producers, to gourmet hotels, restaurants and cooking schools. We work with the best local guides who know everything about good food and wines in their local areas.

Our team is made of people expert in food, marketing and online strategy.

Artisans of Taste was founded by Cinzia Rascazzo (Harvard MBA, Marketing expert, social entrepreneur).

We are featured in the New York Times, Sunday Times, Forbes, National Geographic, Culinary Institute of America’s video, Gazette de Montreal, Sole24ore, Corriere della Sera and were invited at events in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Montreal, Boston, Princeton, New York, Germany.