Europe best guides

We work with local guides, local experts, activity providers and cooking schools who provide the most authentic experiences and a unique opportunity to learn their local culture through food.

Promote your guided tours and visits through the Artisans of Taste marketplace and reach our international customers who travel the world to discover the best food and food artisans.

All activities promoted through our website need to have a food, wine and cultural component.

They can be bike tours, sailing tours, golf tours, sightseeing tours, walking tours that also include visits to local food artisans and wineries, wine tastings, cooking classes, first class restaurants or accommodation in boutique farm hotels that grow their own ingredients or wine.

Activities and tours can last from 1 day to 1 week: because we are a licensed tour operator we can sell activities that last longer than a day.

In case activities last longer than a day, we will sell them under the Artisan of Taste Tours brand as only tour operators are legally authorized to sell this type of tours. You would not be sell travel packages that last longer than a day as a guide or cooking school.

Local guides promoting their activities through our website need to have an official tour guide license and are fluent in English and local language.

Please contact: [email protected]


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