Thank you for supporting Artisans of Taste / Stile Mediterraneo

I am very touched by how many of you have asked how you can make a donation and help me and my business right now.

In the next months, I won’t be able to provide the Stile Mediterraneo health retreats and Artisans of Taste educational treks and your donations will help me pay all fixed costs and taxes that are due just to stay open.


Even amidst the current pandemic, I will not stop pursuing my mission that is to contribute to people’s health and happiness and nurture a more sustainable planet by teaching the principles of the ancient, healthy and sustainable Mediterranean Diet.

I will dedicate my time to providing online educational content about the healthy and ancient Mediterranean Diet that can certainly help us stay healthy and boost our immunitary system.

I will also dedicate my time to providing online educational content that could help us become more conscious consumers and buy, eat, drink and consume products that are not simply organic but also sustainable and with a positive impact on our planet and local communities.

Finally, I will dedicate my time to helping small sustainable farmers and producers reinvent themselves, restrategize their businesses and find ways to stay alive and reach new markets with their wonderful sustainable products.


I certainly welcome your support and thank you in advance for any gift you wish to make.

Please make a donation through, sending it to my Paypal email account ([email protected]) and as “Friends and Family(to avoid the high Paypal transfer fees).

Or copy and paste this link into your browser and it will redirect you to my paypal page:

Or let me know if you prefer to do a bank wire and I will send you all details.


Thank you so much! Grazie mille!

Cinzia Rascazzo